Blood Roses – Perfectly

NJ Native Keanu Javier is a revelation. The prolific songwriter releases music as Blood Roses. We were smitten by his song Perfectly. A beautiful melodic design and haunting groove drips with melancholy affect. Javier sings with a raw emotional presence. On the outset it’s a chill emotive art track, and then there’s the guitar solo.

Like a modern Prince Javier rips a fantastic solo to close out Perfectly. He thrashes and bends the guitar with fury. The performance is exhausting, you and imagine Javier conceptually bowing out as the song ends with a string underlayer that’s also heard in the songs opening section. Great art habitually harkens back to the beginning. Javier shows they’ve been paying attention. These shoegazey vibes would please fans of Beach House and St Vincent.

Dig into Perfectly now on our Indie Underrated playlist.

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