EDGAR MAUER – Elma Casper

The evidence of Kate Bush’s far reaching influence is evident in the sonic appeal of EDGAR MAUER. Their new single Elma Casper is an experimental arrangement with emotive synths at its core. It reimagines how percussion and drums can be utilized in pop, specifically the employment of the Toms. Sitting above the curious musical mixture is a sweet, otherworldly voice.

“Be my guest please, Elma.” Rare, abstract vocal ideas bring the affect full circle. This is something completely new, but still in the wheelhouse of popular sound. It combines retro pop with sentiments known to world music. With a dreamy soulful vocal, altogether it has similarities to releases by Peter Gabriel and Bjork as well as the aforementioned Bush. For us, it’s one of our favorite discoveries of the year. Experimental French Pop in all of it’s exotic glory. Truly underrated.

Enjoy Elma Casper now on our Indie Underrated playlist.

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