Sophie Breton – You

Sophie Breton is sultry soulful on the emotive You. It’s all about the feel and sex appeal, as her voice drips with the yearning of someone looking to recapture a treasured moment in love. The classic Rhythm and Funk groove only lifts the sensibility.

A minimalistic arrangement glued together by an electric pianos atmospheric touch, there’s plenty of space for Sophie to roam, and she does. She runs up and down the melodic scale like she’s running her fingers up and down your curves. The slow vocal delivery, raw and full of smokey affect, conveys the patience she’ll take when you’re making in love. It screams “let’s take it slow tonight baby.”

The lyrical clues are littered throughout. This is a complicated love, but it was a good love. She’s trying to overcome the temptation of trying to change someone to make the physical attraction match the emotional security. The relationship probably doesn’t have a chance, but the song is straight Fire.

Fans of emerging Alternative R&B artists like Remi Wolf and Charlotte Day Wilson will love Sophie Breton. Enjoy You now on our Indie Underrated Playlist

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