Tarragon – Time Lies

Callum Pickard is the emotive songwriter behind the project Tarragon. The multi-instrumentalist wears many moods. Favoring soft horns and mellow synths, he delivers dreamy chill pop gold on the recent single Time Lies. Like a chill pop Steely Dan the tonal design emits a smooth jazz memories, but there’s no doubt this is contemporary pop. It also has the sonic sensibility of indie psych icons Tame Impala and Beach House.

As a writer these sad boy vibes fall somewhere between Elliot Smith and The Thrills. Altogether the conglomeration of comparisons meld into that trademark sound that is Tarragon, something purely unique and accessible in the world of indie. Coming in smooth in sweet, Tarragon has mainstream potential. With interesting production and an innovative sonic palette, Callum has an insatiable style that should please chill pop and psych fans alike.

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