Vintz Desert – The Blue Journal

Vintz Desert is a revelation. A rare combination of impressive guitar playing and vocal talents, his is one of the most elegant emerging voices in indie. The scope of his potential is on full display with the new 5 song EP collection The Blue Journal.

Vintz Desert’s voice is otherworldly. It has all the mystery and depth that made Jeff Buckley an instant icon. Desert’s delivery is rich and at times smoky. With emotive depth it sounds well travelled, nurtured through journey and experience. In the vein of artists like Ray LaMontagne it’s received as a raw, instinctual talent.

As a songwriter, fans of Damien Rice would relish in these somber acoustic vibes. All comparisons aside, Desert brings unfamiliarity and originality to every piece. He’s bidding for a place on the indie folk circuit, suggesting in his Spotify bio that fans of Luca Fogale, Noah Gundersen, and more would enjoy his music. For us, Vintz Desert has more wide stream appeal. The potential of his voice suggests indie folk is just a launching point. If his career opens up he’ll be sought by eclectic producers looking to embellish the texture of his voice and the vibe of its affect.

Discover Vintz Desert and more now on our Indie Underrated Playlist

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