Josh Vine – A Thousand Skies

Get lost in A Thousand Skies, the new single from Josh Vine. Emotive and sincere, these thoughtful indie vibes are equally captivating and mellow. You’re drawn in with a tasty guitar lick and the Springsteen esque vocal delivery on the initial harmony. The vibe is somewhere between Bon Iver and the underground aura of songwriters like Gabriel Richards and Kenneth Ishak. It also shares some traits to slower cuts from The War On Drugs, especially in the spacey guitar outro section.

Vine grabs you and never relents. His vocal only becomes more emphatic and soulful as the song progresses. The drums break for a dramatic mid song build, leaving Vine and his lyrics front and center. “I would fly a thousand skies just to hear you talk.”

Painfully underrated and buried within the onslaught of never-ending content, the artist has resolved to humor to soften the blow. It only makes these sad vibes more believable. Spread your wings and take flight, you’ve been seen Mr Vine. We love you. Godspeed.

You can hear Josh Vine and all of our favorite indie underrated selections on our playlist, check it out!

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