Get lost in the immersive dream worlds of MEMORY MOTEL. The psych pop 5 piece sonic machine creates an immersive masterpiece on their single BREATHE IN BREATHE OUT. The song contains multiple musical worlds. These progressive psych vibes can be traced back to Pink Floyd all the way through the shoegaze-pop alterations by Beach House. The combination of dreamy production with a jamming outro has been heard in the Philly underground aughts scene from almost famous bands like The Once Was, and then born into the mainstream by The War On Drugs and Kurt Vile.

MEMORY MOTEL update the style with the synth appeal known to genre-stamping breakouts Tame Impala and Tennis. A proper full band approach, MEMORY MOTEL should crush it live. The female fronted outfit looks damn good on stage. They bring the full package. A product this solid can’t stay unnoticed for long. The combination of sweet vibes, solid songwriting, and an intelligent arrangement has wide appeal. They’ve got the eye candy to please an unfamiliar crowd, but it’ll be the indie elites that embrace their records. If they can earn themselves some festival cred, this ship will launch.

Check out Breathe In Breathe Out now on our Indie Underrated playlist

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