Indie Under Rated – Anderson Hao, American Trappist, Bevelers, Arctic Butterfly

Anderson Hao gets under your skin with their new single 246.  Their hush haunting vocal delivery compliments the songs innovative construct.  They blend the auras of Big Thief, Clairo, and early Bon Iver effectively.  It’s slightly abstract but entirely approachable, boosted by an instinctual melodic gold meant to shine through the rust that inspired this sad girl narrative.  Recorded with a hazy pink noisy underlayer, it reflects the invading anxieties buried in the lyrics.  This is great art. 

American Trappist enwrapped us in the exotic lure of Lamentations.  The sentiment is enhanced in the effective companion video, one that accentuates the gypsy aura of the music.  It’s a sensibility akin to classic Morphine or Isaak’s unassuming Wicked Games, updated with Trappist’s own unique flair.  The elusive vibe makes a nice foundation for the singer to dish big doses of passion fueled poetry.  The music grows in tandem with the lyrics ascending drama.  A non binary anthem, Lamentations is exhilarating. 

Bevelers caught our attention with their new single Mary’s Peak.  The singers intoxicating delivery features an impressive rapid vibrato, one that quivers with emotion and conjured hurt.  It infects feeling into every lyrical moment, personifying the hidden vulnerabilities of life.  The song is dreamy in any light, and the performance makes it timeless.  There’s a haunting reverence to the impressive harmonies from the two vocalists, one that’ll stop any human dead in their tracks. 

Arctic Butterfly is gloriously cinematic on his impressive new single Reverie.  This epic immersive sonic build-up dares to descend into cosmic horror before revealing an intoxicating catchy pay off.  The result is thought provoking, thrusting you into an audible trip.  It triggers the daydream senses and enwraps you with its catchy appeal.  It honors its trip hop influences, like Zero7 and Massive Attack.  Reverie has some downtempo appeal, but for us it’s chic sexy dark pop with a convincing lead vocal meant to establish a Queen’s power. 

Anderson Hao, American Trappist, Bevelers, & Arctic Butterfly are currently featured on our Indie Underrated Playlist

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