Indie Under Rated – Oscar Fritsch, HIDE, Gringo Star, Butch Bastard, Foster The Prankster

A rare voice and an innovative arrangement come together on An Ocean to be Conquered.  The new release from Oscar Fritsch is a revelation.  His passionate emotional delivery embellishes the broken depth of his expressive snarl.  Within alternating verses he break boundaries, adding elements of indie rap into his vocal design.  The eclectic stylistic soup tastes delicious.  We also hear evidence of post rock in the musics dramatic tempo design.  An all around a slam dunk release, it will connect with fans of diverse intention, similar to Joji or Car Seat Headrest. 


HIDE updates a classic psych rock vibe on their expressive new single A Night.  Modern psych rock has evolved into an electronic drenched expose of technical possibility.  HIDE reclaims its rock and roll roots with a groovy riff first design.  It recalls the legacy of The Doors, we also hear evidence of Beck in the nostalgic riff.  HIDE uses their instrumentation to provide drama and progressive appeal.  To top it off, they dropped a fun companion video that illuminates their psych potential.  We can dig it! 

With a name like Gringo Star, it makes sense that you would bridge the legacies of Syd Barrett and The Beatles.  Their new single Told Me Once Before has Pet Sounds style orchestration and 60s psych pop flavor.  The attention to detail is impressive.  The vocal sounds like its pulled out of a vinyl dig, like a lost buried lofi treasure from a cherished bygone era in pop.  The composition has some indie influence sprinkled in, recalling updates by The Thrills or Dangermouse.  Gringo Star makes good on their name with this exciting new release. 

Butch Bastard pens an introspective gem with Elegy for the Baby Boomer in D.  His vocal performance is convincing, it honors the lyrical truth littered throughout this candid poetry.  There are heavy moments that really pull at your heartstrings.  Like when he sings “Daddy was it really just about the drugs all along.  In a blink of an eye a whole generations comes and gone.  Please don’t tell me it was really just about the drugs all along.”

Butch Bastard leaves himself vulnerable.  We appreciate his sacrifice.  Put it on repeat.  For fans of modern poets like Lana Del Rey, Elegy for the Baby Boomer is magical. 

Foster the Prankster pens a crossover gem with Tie-Dye Skies.  The soulful groove brings psych pop swagger to the world of hip hop.  His lyrical flow is catchy, treated with slight autotune to bend it musical.  The hook is fire.  Front to back this jam just slaps.  Fans of Frank Ocean and Kanye will connect with its creative flex and borderless approach.  We hear evidence of 70s Marvin Gaye in the beat design.  Need we say more? Dig in.  And let’s hope Merry Prankster isn’t truly the final album.  There’s an audience for this, lift the man up. 

Oscar Fritsch, HIDE, Gringo Star, Butch Bastard, & Foster The Prankster are currently featured on our Indie Underrated Playlist

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