Indie Underrated – Don’t Get Lemon, moondaddy, Reina Subramanian, trespasser

Don’t Get Lemon is infectious on their new single Blow-Up.  Retro art pop with catchy appeal and elite swagger defines this exciting release.  An abundance of sonic surprise bursts from every section as the dense arrangement shows an unparalleled attention to detail.  The vocal has a dark post punk attitude in contrast to the musics upbeat tempo.  It bridges the gap between Joy Division and LCD Soundsystem and honors both legacies with its innovative value and crossover potential.  We find it undeniable. 

Moondaddy pen a dreamy anthem with their new single Silver Dust.  The trademark hook has Bowie potential.  It is rare and leaves room for interpretation while feeling totally accessible and familiar.  It’s absolutely unique to them and presented elegantly, announced with conviction and seductive melodic glow.   “Follow Me Silver Dust.”  It drips from her lips like majestic romantic treasure, a moment you can only hope to feel once, a prize you can only imagine in dreams. Silver Dust also connects with dreamy shoegaze acts like Beach House and ballad poetic Lana Del Rey.  

Reina Subramanian is a charming rising star with a prolific growing catalog.  Her sugar sweet touch has instant teen star potential, reflecting the early budding career of Taylor Swift.  Like Swift, she has an artistic indie underlayer that may break boundaries and offer her entry into the indie space.  That detail is most prevalent on her single heartstrings.  Also the title of her new EP, it shows a growth of where her music is going, connecting her to the realm of Phoebe Bridgers and Holly Humberstone.  Two artists Taylor adores too.  Keep your eye on Reina Sumramanian, before you know it, she’ll be on everyones radar. 

There’s some new kids in town.  The band trespasser could take over the indie folk scene with expressive songwriting and dynamic arrangement guaranteed to deliver live.  They bridge the gap between The Lumineers and Lord Huron, flirting with exotic desert hues from their campfire chorale.  The Brooklyn based gang just dropped their 9 song album it’s all a bit of a story.  The album is all around awesome, with bookend standouts like the jamming King Caroline and the introspective Leaving Song, it’s an instant indie folk classic falling too far under the radar.  Trespasser is a sure thing on the folk festival scene in need of an energetic youth revival.  Trespasser is just the medicine they need. 

Don’t Get Lemon, moondaddy, Reina Subramanian, & trespasser are currently featured on our Indie Underrated Playlist.

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