Indie Underrated – David ofmg, Aizat Haris, West Wickhams

David ofmg is inspiring on their recent note to myself.  The noir beachside video pairs well with their patient electro flow.  The spiritual aesthetic and experimental composition recalls recent releases by Bon Iver, James Blake, and Francis and the Lights.  The soft vibe heavy synth sounds conjure a calming presence.  The melancholy appeal is accented by its trademark line, “Maybe I’ll make a note to myself.”  That sentiment moves something within you, as if the song calls you to parallel its discovery with your own internal revelation.

Aizat Haris caught our attention with their new single Darling, You Know.  The dreamy shoegaze design is blended with some 80s alternative nostalgia.  We hear an inspiration of New Order in the songwriting with the shoegaze appeal of Ride.  There’s a modern indie sensibility in the sonic presentation, one that connects this with the new shoegaze emergence in rock.  An emergence we welcome.  

A glance into West Wickhams catalog revealed an intriguing display of post punk and dark wave inspired lofi gold.  Aesthetically bountiful, they grace these vibes with impressive songwriting.  The compositions in essence could be adapted to any production style, they have that kind of melodic versatility.  Dressed in this manner they present a noir nostalgia that’s cinematic and exotic.  The duo of Jon Othello and Elle Flores present as stylistic masters, setting the standard in this genre set.  A self described rival gang group to punk icons Bromley Congigent, and embracing aesthetic influences like Halloween and Edgar Allen Poe, West Wickhams is an exciting addition in nostalgic dark retro music.  

David ofmg, Aizat Haris, and West Wickhams are currently featured on our Indie Underrated Playlist.

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