Indie Underrated – Coucou Babe, Münchhausen, Panaviscope

Coucou Babe is ready to get High Again.  The title of their breakout single, they deliver in both sound and vision with a trippy music video that enhances their vibe.  

Coucou Babe’s dreamy shoegaze vibes will draw immediate comparisons to Beach House.  Coucou Babe are equally elegant and entrancing, with a hypnotic sonic presence meant for a dreamy mid day trip.  The rich production is immersive, basting you in its massive mind altering tonal spectrum.  

Münchhausen breaks the language barrier on their haunting Lebenslauf.  An indie post punk feel in the spirit of Interpol, the spoken word vocal gives it cinematic reverence.  As the song evolves the singer grows in tandem with its dramatic build.  The melodic sections recall the iconic works of The Pretenders. A delightful release, we really dig this updated classic post punk vibe. 

Panaviscope paints a psychedelic dreamscape on their recent Tu veilles.  This catchy psych vibe connects with recent releases by Sport and Tame Impala..  It also recalls French Pop’s trademark legacy, noting the experimental 70s pop movement as a formidable influence.  Panaviscope nails the sentiment with an updated indie sensibility.  We enjoy it immensely. 

Hear Coucou Babe, Münchhausen, and Panavasiscope now on our Indie Underrated Playlist.

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