Empty Apartment – Terratara

TerraTara Caught our attention with the release of their new single, Empty Apartment. The project consists of two members. TerraTara who sings, plays the guitar and harmonica, is accompanied by Hamesh, on the congas. They have created a indie folk feel, with a reggae beat, reminding us of artists such as Emily Scott Robinson and Ani Difranco . Empty Apartment describes losing your home and going out on the road. The narrative is spoken well through her lyrics. Busking on the streets heavily inspired this track, which is replicated well with their musical arrangement. 

Originally, Empty apartment was recorded by Kyra Soko in 1999, but then it was re-mastered by Fuller Sound in 2022. We appreciate the vulnerability of this song. She has taken a song from her past and has sent out a message of what it feels like to be alone, feeling empty, and losing another lover. Empty Apartment is a great traditional indie folk vibe. We look forward to listening to more of her music, and to hear the stories that she has to tell. 

Listen now on our Indie Underrated playlist!

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