All of My Days – Battleviews

We were captivated by All of My Days, the new release from Battleviews. In this beautiful piece of music, the husband and wife duo have created an indie folk song with an americana feel. They wear an array of influences and inspiration. For example, we hear melodic cues reminiscent of Michelle branch, the indie folk feel of the Lumineers, and singer songwriter appeal of Sarah Bareillas.

The lullaby vocal delivery is serene and hypnotic. The lead is intoxicating with melodic variation and an indie sensibility that recalls the work of Feist. 

All of My Days is one of two singles that have been released, paving the way for their up and coming album that is also called All of My Days. These two singles show the creativity and blissfulness that this album will carry. Battleviews was birthed in 2020, during which the husband, Ryan, created a space at home to record their album. This album focuses on the happiness and hardships of parenting. We had a wonderful time listening to this record, and learning about their album. Make sure to keep an eye out for their album release, which is January the 20th. 

Listen now in our Indie underrated playlist!

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