Lottie Zttarr – Digital Age

In this dreamy atmospheric setting, Lottie Zttar creates a pyschedlic experience with her track Digital Age. Her vocals create their own soundscape, as their seductive nuances fluctuate throughout the song, riding on top of her dreamy pop aesthetic.  Her sound brings a diverse set of innovative influence from Syd Barrett and Erik Satie. This track is very tasteful and represents her influences well with her own unique version of this genre. 

From London, Zttarr continues to write and create music, including her two recently past singles revealing, and vervain. Lottie Zttarr has been making music for awhile now, dating back to 2014, which started with band-camp, where her two other singles can be found. This was a very tasteful listen, we appreciate her psychedelic atmosphere and look forward to hearing future tracks. 

Listen now on our Indie Underrated playlist!

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