Frank Rabeyrolles – Even Space

Calm and distinct, Frank Rabeyrolles has beautifully written his song Even Space. With its inspiring guitar tones that mix with his experimental production, we are immersed in this dreamy soundscape. Dare I say it’s an indie dream pop masterpiece. With Franks vocals he creates a raw moody indie folk atmosphere that matches the melancholy vibe of the instrumental scene that he has created, allowing us to really focus on the emotion in this piece of art. It can also be visualized in his music video of Even Space.

We hear the classic psychedelic compositional spirit of Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd with a modern indie update akin to Mac Demarco.  This nice companion video helps to accentuate the drama and personal appeal. Based in France, Frank also performs live, he has a live performance coming up at the end of January. We really enjoyed his song Even Space and we look forward to hearing more. 

Listen now in our Indie Underrated playlist!

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