Alexander Grandjean – Will You Still Be There

Alexander Grandjean knows how to write an infectious hook.  His new single Will You Still Be There is Indie pop with a hint of soul.  It’s got a solid groove to match its melodic appeal.  There’s a classic sensibility to his writing, with elements of Motown intersecting Laurel Canyon vibes.  

The soulful sentiment is lifted by his passionate falsetto vocal.  In the spirit of Bon Iver he stacks thick vocal layers to bring depth and brevity to the design.  It’s all there to accentuate the songs foundings.  A lyrical wordsmith, Grandjean pieces together abstract details of a common crisis. “If I find a way home, can I reach you?”  It’s never easy to go back, and you risk tarnishing precious memories.  Sometimes people and circumstances change for the worst.  

The groovy backbone recalls hybrid works by Ray LaMontagne, while the melody harkens to recent trends in indie pop.  You can jive to the groove, or just get lost in the vocals melodic beauty.  One way or another, you will get caught in Grandjean’s undeniable infection.  

  Get lost in Will You Still Be There now on our Indie Underrated Playlist

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